I Cooked A Goose!

I am the worst food blogger ever, seriously.  That being said, I’m just always so busy!  I’ve been busy traveling and Mardi Gras-ing this past month and I’ve totally neglected my poor blog.  Oh, but it’s been more than a month you say?  Yeah I know.  Like I said, the worst.

Anyway, Nate and I road tripped it up to Maryland at the end of January to visit his family.  Nate grew up on a farm.  It’s incredible.  I grew up in the city so I don’t know much about farm living but let me tell you, I could get used to it.  It was hunting season while we were up there and some of the hunters that rent out  Nate’s family’s land for shootin’ gifted us with two geese.  Papa Goose (that’s Nate’s grandpa) asked if I had ever eaten a goose.  I said that I had not.  He asked if I would like to.  I said that I would!  And that’s how it all started.


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Goat Cheese Pizza with a Honey Balsamic Glaze

I wasn’t going to blog about this so sorry about the crappy picture.  I had just made my second plate and was in the middle of stuffing my face when Nate said, “You should blog about this.”  We love goat cheese.  LOVE IT.  We make this pizza a lot.  It’s nothing special but we both agreed the balsamic brought it to a whole new level.


To make the pizza, we use store bought pizza dough.  I’m lazy.  Then I mix four ounces of goat cheese with the juice of half a lemon and some salt and pepper.  If i’m feeling fancy and like I want some extra lemon, I’ll add a little zest in there too.  Spread the goat cheese onto your crust and then top it with some fresh basil.  We like to put zucchini and squash rounds on top of ours with some olive oil and more salt and pepper.  Cook it according to your dough instructions.  When it’s done top it with some more fresh basil and the balsamic glaze if you like.

To make a honey balsamic glaze just add equal parts of honey and balsamic and boil it until it reduces down to about half.  So yummy and great on all sorts of stuff.  I’ve thought about putting it on top of ice cream.  I haven’t done it…yet.

The Louisiana Hayride

I’m sitting at my kitchen table waiting for Nate to finish reading the new volume of the Walking Dead and he is taking FOR.EV.ER.  The only thing that’s making my wait bearable is the drink in the mug next to me.  Yeah mug, the dishwasher’s running.

I love Cochon; it’s one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  The spicy alligator, the wood fired oyster roast, the rabbit and dumplings…it’s life changing.  I once had a Slim Jim salad there.  Cochon does a seasonal cocktail list and last year during the fall and winter they had one called the Louisiana Hayride.  It was magnificent.  I loved it.  I drank multiples every time we went.  I hadn’t thought about them much until the other day while I was at Martin’s Wine Cellar and I spied some Laird’s Applejack Brandy.  Fun fact, Washington drank it when he crossed the Delaware.

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Silky Smooth Pumpkin Pie

I’ve noticed that people are either pumpkin pie people or sweet potato pie people.  It has everything to do with what you grew up with during the holidays.  I am a pumpkin pie person and so is Nate.  In fact, Nate’s two favorite desserts in the whole world are pumpkin pie and carrot cake so it’s important I get it right.  When I saw Deb’s post on smittenkitchen.com, I knew that this was the pie to end all pies.

I’ll tell you right now, halfway through this process you’re going to be asking yourself, is this worth all of the trouble?  This is taking FOREVER.  I’ve made a million dishes!  Why, god, why?!  It’s worth it.

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Cranberry Nut Bread

Every Thanksgiving my morning started and continues to start off the same way; wake up, watch the Macy’s Parade and the dog show (my mom’s friends with John O’Hurley, she must watch!!) and two breads.  One of the breads pumpkin and the other, this cranberry nut bread.  This recipe came on the back of a bag of ocean spray cranberries one year and then POOF! it was gone…like a shooting star.  Fortunately my mama wrote it down and has been making it ever since.

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Baba Gaunj


As fun to say as it is delicious to eat, baba gaunj is a super delicious roasted eggplant dip.  You may be surprised by the amount of middle eastern restaurants in New Orleans.  Mona’s is a small chain here in Nola and it’s wonderful.  There’s one in the riverbend, one downtown, one uptown, and one with an international food store attached in mid-city.  I’ve always wanted to go to the food shop and it finally happened last week.  It was everything I had hoped for and more!  There’s so much weird stuff that you can’t find anywhere else and soft fresh baked pita bread on the cheaps right next to the check out counter.  I couldn’t resist.  What to eat with it?  A plate of baba gaunj sounded perfect.

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Canning in the Crescent City: Pickles!

Sorry, I’ve been MIA recently.  I’m getting married in three weeks and I’ve got a lot on my plate!  I’ve still been cooking a lot but I haven’t been documenting much of it.  Oh and our dishwasher is broken.  It’s awesome.

Anyway, I sent my dad a package of canned goods and he LOVED my spicy ass pickles.  He loved them so much that he ate them all right away and then drank some of the juice.  I advised him that this was probably not good as it’s mainly vinegar and sugar.

Cucumbers!  I’ve tried growing ’em in my garden and they were blooming like crazy but I only got three.  No worries though because I headed over to the Crescent City Farmer’s Market and picked up these babies.  I also picked up some hot peppers because I like my pickles like I like all of my food…spicy.

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Crab Rolls

Crab rolls (aka the poor man’s lobster roll) started when I was browsing Smitten Kitchen one day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE lobster and lobster rolls and when I saw Deb post that recipe, I just about died and decided that’s what I wanted to make for dinner.  Cut to me, not wanting to spend inordinate amounts of money on lobster/not wanting to boil lobsters at home simply to cut them up and roll them around in mayo.  I decided to take a chance and go with crab meat instead.

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Blueberry Pie

As you saw yesterday, Erin and I made an EXTREME amount of blueberry jam this past Friday.  That being said, I WAY over bought on blueberries (and sugar) but what can you do?  I tend to over buy.

I made a blueberry cobbler on Saturday but I still had four quarts of blueberries.  Now I love cobbler but I’m a pie girl and Nate just so happens to be a pie kind of guy, so when he got called to go back offshore I thought I’d make him a sweet treat before he had to head back out into the gulf.

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If I were to ever own a sandwich shop, it would be called Shanwiches.  If Shanwiches ever comes to fruition, this would be one of the sammies on my extensive Shanwich menu.  It’s SO simple and SO delicious it’s unbelievable.

The only ingredients are some fresh baked bread and juicy heirloom tomatoes I picked up at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market.  Toasted bread, both sides smeared with mayo, layered with mounds of tomato, and some fresh ground pepper and sea salt; you’re good to go!  Enjoy, my friends.  Enjoy.